• Positive Crate Training

  • Getting Along with Cats & Children

  • Greeting Strangers & Other Dogs

  • Learning through Fun & Games

  • House Manners

  • Social Manners

  • Canine & Human Socialization

If so, Positively Simple Dog Training providesGroup Dog & Puppy Training Classesin the greater Sarasota & Manatee county area,Private Lessons in the comfort of your home,Board-and-Train, and Puppy Boot Camp!

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  • Focus  (Your dog ignores you)

  • Shy or fearful behavior     

  • Coming when called

  • Reactivity toward dogs or people 

  • Leash pulling

  • Adjusting to a New Home

  • Separation Anxiety

  • ​Anxiousness

  • Bolting through Doorways

  • Whining 

  • Jumping, Digging, Chasing

  • Defiance

  • Hyperactivity

  • Scratching & Licking

  • Nipping & Biting

  • Excessive Barking

  • Fear Aggression

  • Destructive Chewing

HOW DO YOU KNOW if your dog (or you) need training?

So often, dog owners are the last to realize they should ask for help because they think they can do it on their own.  Dogs are complicated creatures & it helps to have a professional explain their nuances, mindset, and motivations. 

Do any of the following describe you or someone you know?

  • Your dog won't come when you call him.

  • He ignores you.

  • He always jumps on your guests but they say they don't mind, so you don't think of it as a problem.

  • He barks a lot, but you've gotten used to it & your neighbors haven't complained.

  • He may even have an occasional "accident," but you've learned to accommodate it by tiling your floors or placing piddle pads in strategic paces.

  • He pulls on his leash, so to manage it, you're using a choke, prong, or shock collar.

  • You know your dog has problems, but he's too old to train. 


Ask yourself this question:  Are YOU too old to learn new tricks?

Of course not.  It's NEVER too late!

Specialized,  FORCE-FREE  Dog  Training  for  you  &  your  pup !

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Does  your  dog  need  personalized training for issues LIKE these?

Although Private lessons are typically conducted in your home, they can also be held at a public location such as a dog park or dog-friendly establishment and now, virtually via VIDEO CHAT.

Start your puppy on the right paw!

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We at Positively Simple Dog Training promote leadership, relationship, & confidence-building skills using a combination of positive reinforcement...

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