These behaviors require your committed follow-through when your puppy is returned to live with you.  You will receive extensive instructions on how to carry this out & you will have our assistance should your puppy need help making the transition into your home.  Keep in mind that, while a puppy's impulsiveness cannot be completely trained out of him, he will be given a solid foundation for you to help him build upon as he matures. 

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Here is a Checklist of items you will need to provide when you drop off your puppy:

PSDT - Boarding CHECKLIST.pdf

Here is a Potty Training Chart to help you track your efforts & your puppy's progress:

PSDT - Potty Training Chart----------.pdf

  • Essential puppy-on-puppy socialization skills (teaches bite inhibition & body language)
  • How to greet friendly adult dogs, children, & people of all types
  • Learn to not fear workmen, lawn equipment, cars, scooters, bicycles, etc.
  • Only eliminate outdoors or on pee pad, depending on your preference
  • Only chew on appropriate objects
  • Not to jump on people & to wait for permission to greet them
  • Loose Leash Walking - Walk beside you on a leash without pulling
  • Focus, Come, Sit, Stay, & Down
  • Wait (at the door, to go greet, etc.)
  • Leave-it & Drop-it
  • Share - How not to guard resources such as the handler, food & toys

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Don't have the time or inclination to train your new puppy?  Puppy Boot Camp is a Board-and-Train service that we provide to teach your puppy a variety of life skills.  Your puppy will stay with us for an agreed upon amount of time until new, appropriate habits are established.  Your puppy can be taught a number of new behaviors such as: