These behaviors require your committed follow-through when your puppy is returned to live with you.  You will receive extensive instructions on how to carry this out & you will have our assistance should your puppy need help making the transition into your home.  Keep in mind that, while a puppy's impulsiveness cannot be completely trained out of him, he will be given a solid foundation for you to help him build upon as he matures. 

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Here is a Checklist of items for you to use as a guide when packing your puppy's belongings for Puppy Boot Camp:

Here is a Potty Training Log to help you track your efforts & your puppy's progress:

  • Essential puppy-on-puppy socialization skills (teaches bite inhibition, canine social cues/body language). Your puppy will be invited to join the Puppy Socialization class while in Puppy Boot Camp.
  • Human & Canine Socialization:  How to greet friendly adult dogs, children, & people of all types
  • Environmental Socialization:  Learn NOT to fear workmen, lawn equipment, cars, scooters, bicycles, etc. 
  • Only eliminate outdoors or on pee pad, depending on your preference
  • Only chew on appropriate objects
  • Not to jump on people & to wait for permission to greet them
  • Loose Leash Walking - Walk beside you on a leash without pulling
  • Focus, Come, Sit, Stay, & Down
  • Wait (at the door, to go greet, etc.)
  • Leave-it & Drop-it
  • Share - How NOT to guard resources such as his handler, food & toys

Pricing varies depending on your needs, e.g. potty training or no potty training needed.  Please feel free to contact us with a description of your puppy's specific training needs.

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Don't have the time or inclination to train your new puppy?  Puppy Boot Camp is a Board-and-Train service that we provide to teach your puppy a variety of life skills in addition to potty training.  Your puppy will stay with us for an agreed amount of time until new, appropriate habits are established.  Your puppy can be taught a number of new behaviors such as: