• We DO NOT use choke, prong, chain, e-collars (shock collars), aversive techniques, dominance, or alpha training.  Mounting research proves that these tactics not only reinforce the wrong behaviors, they can & often DO psychologically damage the animal for life.  Besides, they give you a false sense of control!

As nature intended, a puppy's first pack leader is his mother. Canine mothers teach their pups the proper way to act through guidance, setting boundaries, & leading by example from day one.  In their natural habitat, dogs earn their food & water and experience the world around them by learning to hunt & forage.  These activities are ingrained deeply within a dog’s DNA.  Hence, having a variety of exercises & puzzles stimulate a dog's body & mind. 

As adults, dogs look to their pack leader (you) to create stability. Dogs in a pack don't feel compelled to physically overtake one another with more than a mere gesture, as they are able to communicate quite effectively through body language, sound emissions, etc., which were learned in the litter from birth.  A dog's litter mates are essential to helping them learn canine communication.  Puppy & adult socialization is critically important for dog owners to facilitate, especially after a puppy is taken from its litter.

In order to properly fulfill the needs of both our dogs & ourselves, we must display the same confident & consistent leadership of a canine leader.  A dog who doesn't trust his owner to be a kind & benevolent leader becomes unbalanced & often exhibits unwanted or anti-social behaviors.

We will coach you to calmly, confidently, & consistently give your dog guidance & boundaries to establish yourself as a solid leader & to help you control unwanted behavior in your dog.  Yelling, hitting, & yanking a dog's collar to correct unwanted behavior is unnecessary & ineffective in resolving the underlying problem.  It is almost certain to create other unwanted behaviors!

Please keep in mind that physical correction can jeopardize your relationship with your dog & may cause him to become defensive or fearful & can lead to fear aggression.  Surely that is not your goal.  Besides, dogs aren't trying to be "bad" when they are doing something you don't approve of; they are just being dogs!  It is unfair to punish a dog for just being a dog.  It is up to you as the human in control of all the resources to sufficiently & benevolently teach him the rules of the house & to train him to meet your expectations without fear of repercussions if he doesn't do it right.

We offer special discounts for shelter dogs, active & retired combat veterans & law enforcement officers.

We are Bonded & Insured through BIC Insurance. 

We at Positively Simple Dog Training promote leadership, relationship, & confidence building skills using a combination of positive reinforcement (a reward-based training method which sometimes involves clicker training) & problem solving techniques 
by an 
ABC Certified Positive Dog Trainer

What We Do

  • We DO use training methods that are fun & motivating for both dog AND owner
  • We DO teach dogs manners and build a strong bond that will bring desired results
  • We DO teach owners how to become the leaders that their dogs need
  • We DO teach owners how to inspire their dogs to want to behave properly even when no one is looking!
  • We DO help replace unwanted behaviors with alternate behaviors that everyone can enjoy
  • We DO promote regular exercise, stable leadership, & earned affection that will result in a dog that is happy, healthy, & well-mannered

Why Use Us?